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In Your Eyes~

From the bottom of my...
Hear your voice again
Could we dim the sun

    Sakua, my only truly friend stopped talking and looked at the door. My blue eyes fixed where she was looking. "Reena," Sakura said, my ears focused on Sakura's voice but I kept my eyes at the boy. "Isn't he pretty?"

    I didn't really answer. I wasn't interested in guys ever since I knew I was gay. My first crush was on Shara Smith. She was in my 5th grade class, we were best friends and one day at recess I told her how I felt but she laughed at me and made fun of me. I felt so bad about myself that I blocked people out untill I met Sakura. Shara didn't tell anyone about me, I knew because everyone would call me names everywhere I went but they didn't-at least not about that-, I was greatful for that but I knew that Shara didn't do it because she felt bad for me at all, she didn't tell anyone because she thought that people would think she was a lesbian as well. After that day I made sure I didn't tell anyone my dark secret knowing they wouldn't understand. Then I met Sakura in 8th grade. We didn't hit it off at first, but once I opened myself a little to her she took me in. Many people looked down at her for it but she didn't care. With her perfect skin and long blonde hair I don't think anyone would really block her out anyway. She was and is one of the most popular girls in my school. Even if she became my friend we were never close, we hardly talked in class and didn't do anything outside of school at all. She sat with me at lunch usually but that was really it. I never told her about me being a lesbian at all, and I'm glad I never felt anything for her too.

    My eyes looked down at my paper and I started to scribble in the corner, "Oh look, there's an empty spot next to Reena." My english teacher said, I rolled my eyes with a sigh. Even though I didn't like guys, that didn't mean I wasn't panicing. I cursed myself for not looking neat, I slept in again and made no time to get ready. 
    "Now class, take out your books to where we left off." My teacher said, her curly hair bounced with excitment. I looked at Rei out of the corner of my eye. 
    "I'm Reena," I whispered, my book already out. We were learning A Midsummer Night's Dream by the famous William Shakespeare. 
    "I'm Rei," He said, the teacher came by and dropped off a spare book for Rei. "Um, can you help me?" He asked. 
    I gave a small chuckle and showed him the page we were on. "Here," I pointed at a line where Hermia spoke. 
    "Now, who would like to read today..?" The teacher walked ever so slowly down the aisles of desks. Not me, not me, not me! I pleaded. I hated speaking outloud, I was horrible at it and something I never acheaved. "No volenteers? Okay, how about Rei.. and Reena." 
    I cursed to myself, I found myself stirring nervously in my seat. My hands rubbed together in my lap, my Sex Pot shirt ruffled, I fixed it and pulled up my black and white stripped knee-highs.
    "Rei will play Lysander, Reena will play Hermia." She concluded, signaling us to speak. I sighed and picked up my book, opening my mouth to speak the beautiful words.
    "O' hell! to chose love by another's eyes." I spoke quietly at first and then louder. 
    "Or if there were a sympathy in choice, war, death, or sickness did lay siege to it...." Rei spoke.

    My name is Reena Jones, and this is how I feel in love.
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